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Comprehensive Equipment and Data Management Solutions

We manage a large lease pool with cutting-edge transponders and positioning equipment available for rent and sale. Our meticulous maintenance protocols safeguard client assets. Moreover, we offer a structured and focused process, providing a level of precision and attention to detail that surpasses what can typically be achieved in the field under operational pressures. Our expert services in network design and data processing optimize project success. Count on us for seamless deployment readiness, supported by our comprehensive equipment and services.

Navigation & Positioning

Specializing in offshore positioning, we offer expertise in designing and implementing networks, including:

GPS and dGPS Receivers
Long Baseline (LBL)
Acoustic Ranging
Ultra-Short Baseline (USBL)

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"Image capturing the node deployment rig in full operation amidst the picturesque landscape of Norway, showcasing Ikatech's expertise and efficiency in offshore operations.

Equipment Acquisition & Repairs

At our facilities in Houston and Blackpool we meticulously service, inspect, and program units in our workshops, guaranteeing that each transponder, once serviced, can be redeployed into the field with utmost confidence. In addition to our servicing capabilities, we also offer equipment for sale and lease.

We Lease and Sell the Following Equipment:


Available for Rent & Sale

Transponders : Sonardyne, Ixblue, Kongsberg

Topsides : Sonardyne

Hydrographic Systems

Available for Rent & Sale

TS Dip

Tide Gauge

GPS Positioning

Available for Rent & Sale

PTIU : Hemisphere, Novatel

rGPS : Hemisphere

Navigation Systems

Available for Rent & Sale





Available for Rent & Sale

Odom Echotrac

We Repair the Following Equipment:


Available for Rent & Sale

Sonardyne 7815 Transition Zone Transponders

Kongsberg Transponders


Project Specific Consulting

Offering comprehensive consulting services, at Ikatech we provide expert support to enhance your projects. From general positioning expertise to project-specific consulting, our tailored solutions ensure that every aspect of your acquisition project is managed with precision and efficiency.

For optimal performance, we advise replacing the unit’s battery once it reaches the <10v threshold, typically occurring after 6-8 months of deployment in operational conditions.

Network Design & Data Processing

Our network design services encompass acquisition network design and error modeling, including defining equipment specifications, instrumental accuracy, and equipment placement within the network. Additionally, our data processing expertise involves the processing of acquired data sets, including problematic navigation data, to eliminate noise and errors, ensuring high-quality end data.

Ikatech Equipment & Repair

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