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Welcome to our Inventory page, where you’ll find a curated selection of essential equipment and tools tailored for the oil and gas industry.

From cutting-edge technology to tried-and-true solutions, our inventory offers a comprehensive range of items available for both rent and sale. Whether you’re in need of temporary equipment to complete a project or seeking to expand your toolkit for long-term operations, our inventory has you covered. Browse through our offerings below and contact us to discuss rental or purchase options. At Ikatech, we’re committed to providing you with the resources you need to succeed in the field.


Equipment for rent may also be available for sale. Pricing dependent on volume and availability – see item descriptions below.

Sonardyne Scout Plus USBL System

Shallow Water Subsea Target Tracking System

Scout USBL is a complete vessel based acoustic positioning system designed for tracking divers, ROVs and towfish in waters up to 1,000 meters.

The system calculates the position of a subsea target by measuring the range (distance) and bearing (heading) from a vessel mounted transceiver to a small acoustic transponder fitted to the target; a technique known as Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning.

USBL is widely used by the offshore survey and ocean scientific industries as it offers high accuracy performance combined with efficient subsea tracking operations.

Sonardyne Dunking Transducer 7967

Sonardyne 7967 LRT Surface Control Unit (SCU)

Introducing Sonardyne’s Type 7967 OBC/LRT Deck Unit, a crucial component for commanding and programming Sonardyne’s TZ/OBC transponders and Lightweight Release Transponders (LRTs). This unit consists of a deck unit and dunking transducer with a 10-meter cable, facilitating the initial programming of transponder acoustic identities, testing, and loading release ‘bits’ for LRTs before deployment.

Once deployed, the unit serves as a tool for measuring ranges to transponders and securely releasing transponders by sending a relocation command.

Lightweight Release Transponder (LRT)

Derived from transponders renowned for accurately positioning seismic receiver nodes, the Lightweight Release Transponder (LRT) boasts both receive and transmit functions, setting it apart from conventional low-cost release transponders. This distinction enables precise slant range measurements, confirmation of release actuation, and accurate position determination. With a robust Safe Working Load of 125 kg and a depth rating of up to 500 m, it guarantees reliability in demanding marine environments. Benefit from extended deployment periods of up to 51 months, facilitated by a long-life lithium battery pack.

Customize its operation effortlessly with hundreds of secure identities, programmable directly from the deck unit. Featuring a dependable ‘screw-off’ release mechanism and a rugged, compact design, the LRT ensures consistent performance and easy deployment. Seamlessly integrate it with Scout USBL, ROV-Homer, Homer-Pro, and Prospector systems for comprehensive positioning and relocation capabilities.

Sonardyne Mini Ranger 2 System

Underwater Tracking and Communications System

Unlock precision and accuracy in your underwater operations with Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2. This USBL target tracking system offers unparalleled performance without the cost and complexity of a deep-water solution.

With an impressive operating range of 995 meters, extendable to 4,000 meters, Mini-Ranger 2 can simultaneously track up to 10 underwater targets, including divers, towed instruments, ROVs, and AUVs.

Whether it’s a diver, ROV, towfish, or AUV, Mini-Ranger 2 ensures survey-grade precision and accuracy, revolutionizing your tracking capabilities.

Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder (PIES)

Unveil the depths of marine environments with our innovative Pressure Inverted Echo Sounder (PIES). This enduring sensor logging node offers autonomous operation and high-speed acoustic telemetry, facilitating real-time data retrieval and analysis in remote underwater locales. Boasting exceptional corrosion resistance, it ensures reliable performance for up to 5 years. Leveraging the advanced LMF frequency band and Sonardyne Wideband 2 protocols, it delivers unparalleled accuracy.

With customizable data transmission rates and integrated acoustic release functionality, deployment and retrieval are streamlined. From free-fall deployment to wireless configuration, our PIES unit offers versatile deployment options, empowering your underwater exploration endeavors.


IXBlue Transponder, Available for rent and sale IX Blue ZTA02C Oil and Gas Equipment
IXBlue Transponder (ZTA02C)

Explore unparalleled tracking precision and control with the IXBlue ZTA02C Medium Frequency Acoustic Transponder. Engineered for depths of up to 500 meters, this compact and lightweight transponder stands as the ultimate solution for vehicle tracking and seismic cable position monitoring operations.

Driven by Zigbee RF communication, configuration becomes a seamless process through dedicated Man-Machine Interface software. Harnessing IXBlue’s advanced ultra-low power consumption electronics and wide spectrum technology, the transponder seamlessly integrates with GAPS USBL or RAMSES LBL systems, ensuring unmatched compatibility and versatility.

With a capacity to address up to 529 transponders and offering 46 wideband codes for reception/transmission, the IXBlue Transponder offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability. Its omni-directional transducer and utilization of off-the-shelf Alkaline battery cells guarantee steadfast performance, coupled with the convenience of swift battery pack replacement in under 2 minutes.

Elevate your underwater tracking endeavors with the IXBlue Transponder, empowering you to navigate the depths with unwavering confidence and precision.

Sonardyne Transponder

Acoustic Positioning Transponder

Enhance your seismic operations with our seismic positioning beacon, designed to seamlessly integrate with our transition zone acoustic positioning system.

This innovative solution accurately and efficiently determines the positions of seismic hydrophone arrays.

With the ability to position OBS cables in water depths of up to 500 meters, our beacon is engineered to thrive in rugged operational environments. Featuring thousands of unique acoustic addresses, it offers up to 18 months of listening life.

Starlink High Speed Internet

Reliable High Speed Internet for Business

Elevate your enterprise with unparalleled high-speed internet connectivity, designed to transcend boundaries both in the air and on the open sea. Seamlessly connect your workforce across distant locations, monitor IoT infrastructure with precision, and fortify your network’s resilience, even in the most remote corners of the globe.

  • 40-220+ Mbps Download
  • 8-25+ Mbps Upload
  • 20-60 ms Latency
Sonardyne OBC 12 Transceiver

Introducing our cutting-edge OBC12 Transceiver, a vital component of Sonardyne’s advanced TZ/OBC positioning system. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this transceiver boasts a remote transducer suitable for various deployment methods, including over-the-side arrangements or through hull installations.

Driven by the powerful Hydropos software, our Type 7911 Transceiver seamlessly interfaces with PCs, enabling precise command execution. Upon command, it swiftly engages with seabed transponders while concurrently capturing DGPS data. This real-time fusion of raw data undergoes meticulous processing to deliver ground station positions with unparalleled accuracy, achieving deviations of less than 2 meters absolute.

Furthermore, our transceiver offers the flexibility of outputting raw data to the client’s navigation processor, facilitating independent network adjustments for optimal operational control. Elevate your positioning capabilities with the reliability and performance of the Type 7911 Transceiver.

Each component and equipment piece undergoes meticulous scrutiny, surpassing manufacturer’s specifications. Our commitment lies in sourcing solely from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing unparalleled quality in every detail.

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