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Equipment & Repair

Specializing in equipment repair, maintenance and leasing for the oil and gas service sectors. Explore our comprehensive solutions and optimize your operations today.

Ikatech Equipment and Repair LLC is based in Houston, Texas where we repair, maintain, and lease equipment with a focus on the oil and gas service industries. We service acoustic positioning equipment, land seismic acquisition equipment and have a rental pool to meet our client’s equipment shortfall requirements.

Our diligent approach ensures that every piece of equipment is thoroughly serviced, inspected, and programmed at our facilities.

What We Do
We manage a substantial lease pool comprising thousands of acoustic transponders and surface positioning equipment. Our diligent maintenance protocols encompass both our inventory and that of our clients, ensuring seamless deployment readiness at all times.

From overseeing a diverse lease pool to providing top-notch equipment acquisition and repairs, we deliver seamless operational readiness.

We meticulously maintain each individual unit to our rigorous specifications, ensuring that every component meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s standards, utilizing only top-quality components from selected suppliers.

Strategic Partners
Teaming up with leading technology providers, we equip our operations with advanced tools and service-driven solutions. Discover our trusted partners below:
Echo Ocean Science LLC
A marine geosciences company providing field and office services to clients in the offshore sectors.
MKS Consulting
Supporting geophysical companies with seismic equipment consulting, equipment sourcing, sales, technical support and logistics solutions.
Providing software and services for all aspects of navigation and positioning for the seismic survey industry.

Ikatech Equipment & Repair

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