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Ikatech Repairs, Maintains and Leases Equipment with a Focus on the Oil and Gas Service Industries

Ikatech Equipment and Repair LLC (Ikatech ER)is based in Houston, Texas where we repair, maintain and lease equipment with a focus on the Oil and gas Service Industries. We service acoustic positioning equipment, land seismic acquisition equipment and have a rental pool to meet our Client’s shortfall requirements.
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Ikatech ER is owned by Stuart Porteous, who has 35 plus years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Stuart Porteous

New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (Telecommunications) Stuart has 35 plus years of experience in Seismic Exploration, with a focus on Marine Streamer and Transition Zone acquisition. 22 years at Western Geophysical and Schlumberger in various levels of responsibility including managing Navigation Services and Acquisition Project Management. He was VP Operations at NCS SubSea from its formation in 2005 until 2008 and took the company form start-up to $8 million plus in revenue with operations worldwide. 15 months at BHP Billiton as Survey Project Manager and then 3 years at SES as Senior Vice President Marine Sales and Marketing. He is currently Managing Member at Ikatech LLC and President of Ikatech Equipment and Repair LLC.


Ikatech ER has a lease pool of hundreds of acoustic transponders and surface positioning equipment. We maintain both our own, and our Client’s equipment ensuring the gear is ready for deployment whenever needed.

Navigation and Positioning

We can provide expertise in most aspects of positioning offshore. We have hands on experience designing and implementing positioning networks such as listed to the right.

  • GPS and dGPS receivers
  • Acoustic ranging
    • Long Baseline – LBL
    • Ultra-short Baseline – USBL
  • Magnetic Compasses


  • 7815 Transition Zone Transponders
    • Cleaning, battery replacement and reassembly.
  • 8035 Deepwater transponders
    • Cleaning, battery replacement and reassembly.
  • 7967 HF Programming boxes
  • 8037 MF Programming boxes
  • LRT release transponders
    • Cleaning, battery replacement and reassembly.


  • MST 342/N transponders
  • Cleaning, battery replacement and reassembly.

Applied Acoustics

  • PAM Acoustic Test unit


  • NaviPac and NaviPac Lite

Network Design

Acquisition network design and error modelling, defining equipment to be used, the instrumental accuracy and the location of the equipment in the network.


General positioning and acquisition consulting services.


All of the equipment and consulting services can be integrated into an acquisition service as required by a Client.


Contract personnel can be provided to meet the requirements of any acquisition projects we are selected to perform. An Ikatech ER employee will always be present on any job, we do not sub-contract the whole service.

Data Processing

Processing of acquired, and problematic navigation data sets to remove noise and blunders in the end data.

Geophone/Land Acquisition Repairs

We have extensive experience in maintaining and repairing Geospace, ION and SERCEL geophone strings and SERCEL 408 / 428 acquisition equipment.

Strategic Partners

Ikatech ER selects industry leading, service oriented technology providers to provide the tools to perform our operations




Integrated navigation package providing:

  • Transition Zone and seafloor distributed operations
  • 2D Streamer positioning
  • VSP navigation



Seismic data processing for streamer and seafloor operations.



Network analysis and error modelling



NaviPac and NaviPac Lite

Small scale positioning operations

NaviPac is the NaviSuite workhorse. It provides navigation information and positioning calculations in support of any offshore task. Features include:

  • Support of all equipment on the market
  • Navigation display with overlays
  • 2D and 3D display
  • Multivessel, multiobject operation
  • Survey planning
  • Sensor instrument recording
  • Sensor validation (Kalman filtering)
  • Real-time survey quality control
  • High-precision time tagging

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